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Parents and School Safety

acbrg4k9iParenting is probably the most important aspects of human fulfillment. Parents are required to act as a shield against various adversities faced by the child while dealing with the internal and external situations. One of such issue is a child safety while at school. As a parent you need to be assured that your child is safe at school.  A school should have a positive and well-disciplined environment with the required safety, security and emergency preparedness measures and inclusive intervention programs.

As parent it is your responsibility to check:

  • If Your child feels safe in his / her school
  • If your child’s school has safety and security policies and procedures and emergency preparedness plan.
  • If the school has emergency preparedness plan tested
  • If school has its safety and security management system assessed and validated by an external agency.

Please complete the form below if you wish ACCAB to reach out to your child’s school on the matters of the school safety and security concerns, assessment and accreditation.

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Parents and School Safety
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