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Certified School Safety Professional

What Does School Safety Professional Do:

Certified School Safety Professionals (CSSPs) are ACCAB’s National Safe School Accreditation qualified persons who are expected to demonstrate professionalism and competence while performing their duties related to the school safety.

Certified School Safety Professionals (CSSPs) will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Promote safety culture throughout school;
  • Ensure safe and healthy environment in school;
  • Effectively communicate and consult with the stakeholders including students, parents, staff, community partners and authorities on matters related to school safety;
  • Conduct safety training and awareness programs for students, staff, parents and other concerned people;
  • Ensure periodic safety inspections;
  • Assess , evaluate and control significant risks and hazards on the school premises;
  • Prepare and test emergency response plans;
  • Ensure fire protection, environmental protection, ergonomics, hazardous material control and regulatory compliance;
  • Periodically updating the school management on safety matters;
  • Implementing and managing school safety programs.


CSSP candidate will minimum have bachelor’s degree in any field with working experience in educational or allied field.

Program Overview:

  • Introduction to ACCAB’s Safe School Standard
  • School Climate
  • School Health & Safety – Risk Management
  • Building Design & Fire Safety
  • Information Security
  • Dress Code
  • School Access Control
  • Ergonomics for Students
  • School Safety
  • School Event Security
  • Emergency Management
  • Bullying Prevention & Response
  • Positive Classroom Climate
  • Substance Abuse
  • Implementing School Safety Management Program
  • Auditing School Safety Management System


3 Days Full Time


Participants will be assed based on class room individual and group assignments throughout the course, followed by 90 minutes qualifying examination at the end of the course.

Who Conducts the Training:

Training for Certified School Safety Professional (CSSP)®Award is provided by ACCAB authorized Solution Providers and also proctor the examination on behalf of ACCAB.


All successful candidates will receive Certified School Safety Professional (CSSP)®Award from ACCAB’s National Safe School Accreditation Initiative.

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