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Accreditation Assessment Process

ACCAB National Safe School Accreditation is intended for: 

The Schools, Colleges, Universities and Other Education & Training Institutions to state publicly that they have voluntarily adopted ACCAB’s SS 10000 Standard for design, operation, maintenance and continual improvement of health & safety culture and practices.

ACCAB Accreditation Assessment Process:

The accreditation assessment process deployed by ACCAB shall accommodate the schools of all sizes and carrying out wide range of activities. ACCAB accreditation services are accessible to all applicants whose requests for accreditation fall within the activities and the limitations as defined within ACCAB’s polices and rules.

How To Apply for Accreditation:

The accreditation process starts with the filing of the duly completed application for accreditation and is followed by thorough support by an ACCAB approved Solution Provider for implementing a comprehensive school safety management system at school followed by an onsite assessment. The process is concluded with the decision on accreditation. The post accreditation process commences thereafter.

The applicant should read and understand ACCAB’s Accreditation Scheme Manual especially the Requirements for Granting and Maintaining Accreditation and the Current Fee Structure before submitting the application in the prescribed format. Please refer ACCAB Manuals & Documents posted on the Resource Centre Section of the website www.school-safety.org or please get in touch with the ACCAB secretariat. The process chart given below is for indicative purpose only. It is expected that the applicant schools have a specific & assured plan of action for obtaining the ACCAB accreditation and nominate a senior & accountable person to co-ordinate all activities related to the accreditation process.

ACCAB accreditation is granted to schools who have demonstrated that they fully meet the requirements of ACCAB’s SS 10000 Standard.

Cost of Accreditation:

Please refer Schedule of Fees under relevant Application Pack posted on the Resource Centre Section of the website www.school-safety.org  or get in touch with the ACCAB secretariat.