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National Safe School Accreditation is pleased to present the publications collected from the various sources including publications/communications of NSSA origin for the safety and security of global school communities including student staff and other stakeholder. The copyrights of the featured communications are vested with the respective authors/publishers. NSSA Governing Board does not necessarily endorse, subscribe or concur to the views expressed in these publications. Readers are encouraged to send their articles and or publications related to the school safety to the In-charge Media Centre of NSSA at info@school-safety.org

01. Appreciation from Dept. of Human Resources

02. Govt. of Hariyana

03. Petition Letter Forwarded to Grievance Officer

04. Petition Letter Forwarded to Ministry of Home Affairs

05. Petition to Ministry of Women and Child Devolopment

06. Petition to Ministry of Home Affairs

07. Letter Forwarded to Dept. of Edu. Govt. of Gujarat

08.Reply from NDMA

09.Edu. world magazine -How to make our schools safe – NSSA initiative mentioned

10. Letter from Ministry of Women and Child Development

11. Self Declaration-NSSA.